Svetlana Zinyac (cityofspheres) wrote,
Svetlana Zinyac

Svetlana does Baltimore, yet again.

Sunday was spent in some unusually productive Baltimoreing. Lunch at Panera Bread, dinner at Suburban House, and extreme relative visiting in between. I got the awesomest photograph from grandma Ira. I think it's the earliest photo of me with my parents. We all looked so happy. I just kept staring at it, and then I realized that tears and snot would probably not improve its condition, especially seeing as it was already pretty faded. Or, maybe it wasn't that faded but just messed up to start with, because when I got home and showed it to my dad, he said "Oh, yeah, I printed that, the color is all screwed up just the way my other prints were." Hopefully it'll be possible to scan this photo in, print copies of it, and post it all over the place. In other classic moments, Greatgrandma Sonya was telling me to seek out my parents advice about important decision, and said the cutest thing - "Listen to Ira too. She's still a young'un, but she's starting to have useful opinions". Sonya is 99, Ira is 76. I suppose from a mother's point of view, a daughter always seems young and foolish. Grandma Raya also had some interesting news - that uncle Grisha had a double bypass surgery last week. So I went to see aunt Sofa and uncle Grisha too. Grisha was looking pretty well, I'd never have guessed he just had a major operation. Also, I talked to Ina on the phone, and she seems to be doing fine.

Yesterday I finally got an oil change. While they were working on that, I walked down to Common Grounds in Hampden and got a homemade banana cream pie full of big roasted banana pieces that I now want to get the recipe for. Hampden looks unusually non-ghetto-like in the early mornings, what with all the parents walking their kids to school. The kids totally outnumber the homeless-looking people and the thrift shoppers. Then I gave my mom a ride to work, so now I know what building she works in. Anyway, the mechanics at K&S totally tried to overcharge me for the oil change and other stuff, and succeeded. They know I'm a sucker. But then when my dad heard about it, he called them and made them give him half of the money back. But, this makes me think - If I'm going to be overcharged, I might as well get overcharged here in Burtonsville instead of driving all the way out to Baltimore to get overcharged.

Later that day I hung out with Dan. Good times.

I realize now that I shouldn't have abandoned my study of Hebrew. Trying to read a web page and understanding one-quarter of the words is pretty discouraging.

Today I got the brilliant idea to take my mom to To4ka for her birthday. Clubbing with my mom! Yay!
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