Svetlana Zinyac (cityofspheres) wrote,
Svetlana Zinyac

partying with the parents

On Friday I got a phone call from someone I had never met before. I thought they should tell me who gave them my phone number. When they kept trying to dodge that question, even while talking to me for the second time on Saturday, I stopped wanting to talk to them. Still don't know whether I overreacted. Maybe I just had to have that unpleasant phone call to karmically balance out the enjoyable phone call with Leo. And Jane called too, about trying to hook her car-selling aunt with my car-buying dad, and about her upcoming trip to Prague...So, the phone gods have, overall, been good this weekend.

On Saturday, Dave's parents came by for Easter, and they finally met my parents. It went well - no major violence or verbal abuse, at least to anyone's face.

Operation "Clubbing with my Mom" was a success. She liked To4ka and had a good dance-filled birthday-celebrating night. And my dad got up and danced too, towards the end. Oh, and they didn't complain about the food at Grapeseed, either, to my pleasant surprise.

Today I encountered Irish food for the first time ever, at Killarney House in Davidsonville, MD. The flavors were nothing complicated, but it was all very fresh and yummy. Definitely the best food around here, with the exception of Pasta Plus. Anyway, I'm totally zombie-like from staying up until 3:30 last night. It has the interesting effect of tuning my attention to things I don't notice at all usually - like John's clothing, and like the Buddhist statue garden that I've driven by on the way to work for the last two years without really seeing it. Strange. I wonder if I can use this effect for some good purpose.
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