Svetlana Zinyac (cityofspheres) wrote,
Svetlana Zinyac

one more yoga connection, one less network connection

Thanks to Sophia's mom, Jelena, who very kindly let me be her guest at Goddard Space Flight Center and thus enabled me to take Jenny Otto's Monday yoga class! Now I don't have to deal with Jenny's Tuesday and Thursday classes conflicting with the UIUC lectures, nor do I need to drive out to Annapolis on Wednesdays, even though I still plan to do that most Wednesdays for the more advanced class. Hm...I feel like a total Jenny-stalker, but she is by far the best yoga teacher of the 20-30 teachers who have taught me, and I'm addicted. Once again, much thanks to Lena.

Yesterday, I finally migrated the CVS server of the source code for my project at work. Now it's on a Raytheon server, instead of being at my house. What a relief! Now when spacebird goes down, I don't have to worry about how anyone will get work done. It's poossible that the Landover site loses power more often than my house does, but whether it's up or down, the important part is that it's no longer my problem.

Today I met Brennan, who was friends with my old roommate Jessica Sherlock.
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