Svetlana Zinyac (cityofspheres) wrote,
Svetlana Zinyac

fun! more so than any other time this year

Friday Ariel visited and got along well with Meesh, as predicted.

Saturday I visited Rob. It was not too discouraging.

But, the fun part I'm referring to was Sunday. I went to the Smithsonian kite festival ( It turned out to be surprisingly cold. Ironically, the wind that makes the kites fly is the same wind as makes people cold and miserable. There were fewer people and fewer kites than 2002 and 2003. But this time, I actually brought two kites that worked, as opposed to 2003, when I tried to make my own kite and failed. So, I had two functional kites. Once I got to the mall, I met up with Leo and Sasha. Then Masha joined us, and then another Sasha. We flew both of the kites several times, got each of them tangled in trees and then tangled out, and one kite kind of tangled up into the weathervane flagpole on top of the red Smithsonian castle building and then tangled out, and one of the kites - the rainbow delta that had to be assembled with an annoyingly long wooden crosspiece - snapped off of the string and flew away, landing god knows where, hopefully with no injury to people nor property, never to be seen again - so now I have left one kite, the orange yellow purple parasail-shaped one which folds up into a convenient pocket-sized baggie, including its enormous tail. Perhaps the moral is - don't use safety pins to secure kites to strings. Although, somehow, the safety pin ended up on the other spool of kitestring later on, so perhaps what happened is that the lines got crossed, and that's what caused the pin to come undone.

It's really a wonder that the kite festival hasn't been destroyed by lawsuits and terrorism concerns, what with the potential threat to museums and to monuments, and with big wooden-frame kites falling on people's heads, and kite strings along the ground tripping people. At one point we even managed to get one of our kite strings in such a position as to gently dislodge a passerby's toddler out of their stroller. The toddler was confused and spent a long time staring at us, the string, and the stroller, but didn't cry. People were just unusually laid back, including myself, and seemed to be not bothered by cold, puddles, trippy kitestrings, and falling kites. In incidental neat things, Felix Cartagena the bubble-machine man was there with his bubble machine, which he has expanded so it makes twice the bubbles ( And there were several huge dogs being shown off by their owners.

Finally we had grown satisfied with the kite adventures, and began to feel more defeated by the cold weather, so then we went off to Eastern market, which I've always heard much and wondered some about but never visited. It turns out to be a combination flea market and a collection of booths selling meats, vegetables, fruits, or art. A great bias towards bacon and other pork products, for some reason. We had reasonable pizza around there.

Then I went back up to Laurel and had another dinner at Pasta Plus.

With all this fun, I hadn't gotten my homework done, so then I was up until 2 doing homework.

Monday was back in Rosslyn with demo excitement. Missed Monday yoga at NASA - hope Lena doesn't take offense.
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