Svetlana Zinyac (cityofspheres) wrote,
Svetlana Zinyac

week of too much fun

First, I must admit that the after-work part of Monday was mundane and grocery-shopping.

Tuesday was not too much out of the ordinary, with an online meeting for CS428 as usual. I went to Goddard to pick up the temporary badge for yoga, provided courtesy of Lena. I also found the Betty Crocker "Super Moist Party Cakes" cookbook, which I failed to do on Monday, and got a copy. Now I will make awesome cakes to bring to the office. The first thing will be cherry brownies made out of chocolate cake mix and canned cherry pie filling. Artificially delicious.

In exciting things, I unlocked a bunch of new hands-and-feet songs in DDR, including "Tsugaru" which is even more impossible than "B4U". But then I somehow un-unlocked them and some of them disappeared.

The fun stuff started on Wednesday. We got a new tech lead at work, bringing the total number of people on the project to five. He seems pretty cool.

Wednesday night I was all set to drive out to yoga at Jenny's Annapolis studio. But all of a sudden, Dr. Lim called and told me that they missed one thingie of blood. So, after work I went to a lab in Gaithersburg, and provided that. I had never been around that area before, and tried a Japanese/Korean restaurant called Ichiban. It had awesome sushi, and a shredded raw beef dish that repaired the damage that Yi Jo (Korean, in College Park) had done to my opinion of Korean raw beef. Raw beef, egg yolk, cucumber, pear, and oranges - five great tastes, together. It gives a whole new meaning to "blood oranges". And, it was full of the red-meaty iron nutrients, perfect for someone who has just lost blood.

On Thursday, I went to see a concert of "Ladysmith Black Mombaza" at CSPAC on campus, with Masha and her friend Danya. It was sold out, but we got tickets after all, from the standby line. The opening act made me keep falling asleep, so I went to the lobby for potato chips and talked to people at the bar - Josh, Mark, and Amber - until intermission. The second half, with the actual Ladysmith Black Mombaza people performing, was much more entertaining - they kept doing pantomimy things while they sang, all fairly unexpected and pleasantly confusing, that held my attention quite well. After the concert, I ran into my ex-roommate-Jessica's ex-roommate Christine, and she told me that Jessica got burned out in theater tech and went into horticulture. This is very surprising - I can hardly believe Jessica would do something like that. It would be like if Jane suddenly quit med school and said that she didn't want to be a doctor. Yet another mark against my understanding-people skills.

Then Masha, Danya, and I went to Plato's. Plato's has done something funky with their menu, including cabbage-and-kielbasa soup that was so good I want to bring my parents there to try it. On the way to Plato's we were behind a car whose license plate said "doula", and that started off a conversation that continued until 2:30 in the morning. I felt guilty keeping Danya and Masha up that late, but there were just so many new ideas and good paths of reasoning to discuss that sleep seemed far less appealing.

Now it's Friday, the day for another CS428 online meeting.
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