Svetlana Zinyac (cityofspheres) wrote,
Svetlana Zinyac

i had almost forgotten this feeling of almost getting some and then not getting any

On Saturday, the Cherry Blossom festival, with my parents and Dave, briefly running into Dan and Jungdae. I wonder if that Pennsylvania avenue part was there three years ago, and Cam and Jane and I just managed to be oblivious to it. Anyway, this year was much more interesting. Still, even the trinkets and martial arts demonstrations were not as memorable as the oden soup from Hama Sushi, with its ten differrent kinds of fishcake. Oh, and there were some actual cherry blossoms, too, and the FDR memorial, which we've never seen before, turned out to be neat, too.

Saturday night was kind of stupid - I wanted to go to to4ka (, but I didn't go because I didn't think anyone I knew was going, and my parents said that it would be bad if I went alone. So, instead of going to to4ka I stayed home, and then I was full of anticipation and excitement with no outlet for it, which made me edgy and resentful and sleepless, much like having foreplay not followed by intercourse. And this unpleasant state lasts for hours, so on Sunday I was still discombobulated, until I managed to push my mind back into a state of apathetic equilibrium by listening to a CS428 lecture. It was nice and warm out, so listening to the lecture outside seemed like a good idea until an ant crawled into the keyboard, and made me wonder about the effects of insects inside my laptop. (It's almost like a pun, with bugs in my hardware instead of my software.)

Sunday night I went to the restauranty lake in Columbia, walked around the lake, and got some frog legs, much fresher and yummier than the fishy-tasting ones at Viet Palace. They really do taste like chicken. On the way back home, a hilarious radio play combining Lipton tea strings in the commercial with the hangman's noose in the performance.

Monday was grocery shopping again. No yoga at NASA, since it wasn't in session this week. Another lecture.

Today was a CS428 meeting. And brownie cake with frozen raspberries baked into the mix. And more AIM with Masha's friend Dan. Also, helping Meesh alphabetize stuff and reading grades out loud for dictation, which is always fun.
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