Svetlana Zinyac (cityofspheres) wrote,
Svetlana Zinyac

now where did i put that source code...

On Wednesday, no yoga at Annapolis since Jenny has a semester break. Home yoga practice, and another CS428 lecture.

Thursday was all worky stuff trying to get stuff in shape for a demo next week. Also, dug up my old code from August - two of the computers I had it on had been reinstalled since then, so it was wiped from there, but turns out I had a backup on bumba (thanks John, Greg, and Dave). Didn't have time to see whether there was anything to salvage out of that code, codewise or conceptwise, maybe I'll have a longer look at it this weekend. Thursday night Josh was in town, long time no see, so that was worth a visit to the Perk. Also, I started brushing up on Hebrew again, this time with the Foreign Service conversational skills book. Unit 1. Very different approach from the classroom and class-oriented textbooks. The goal is to have embassy workers be able to carry on conversations ASAP, focusing on the difficult part of conversing a new language - understanding what the natives are saying.

Friday another CS428 meeting, mercifully short. Then I finally got competent at "Tsugaru Desire Remix" in DDR Hands and Feet, though I didn't pass it. Unit 2 of Hebrew, and a pretty good home yoga practice. At work, there's a new task that could directly use the refactoring concepts I learned in lecture two days ago! Except I'm not sure I want to do it quite the way the professor said...I'll think about it more on Monday.
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