Svetlana Zinyac (cityofspheres) wrote,
Svetlana Zinyac

Super Saturday morning

Saturday morning I volunteered at the job fair for PG county teens held at the Raytheon building. There was one woman with a granddaughter who told me about her volunteering in general, a US National Guard recruiter who tried to tempt me with a security clearance, and a teen named Allen who seemed like he had a pretty good plan for getting somewhere better in life.

On the way home, a speech by Constance Rice on the radio did something no speech on CSPAN has done before - I instantly wanted to vote for her to be made president of the US, or the world, for that matter. Where do I send the check? Where do I sign up? Her vision unites women and men, inner-city gangs in LA and farmers in Appalachia, soccer moms and Al-Qaeda operatives - every person dreams of security, opportunity, hope of reaching their goals, becoming who they want to be for themselves and for others, and all of them could benefit from a safety net, more education, and more of a chances to improve their economic position. Damn. I just can't explain it as well as she did. She's awesome.
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