Svetlana Zinyac (cityofspheres) wrote,
Svetlana Zinyac

The rest of last week

Monday, finally another Jenny yoga class at NASA. Then off to dryclean, and meet a bunch of people for no good reason. And some CS428.

Tuesday, another CS48 meeting. Another person is stuck in the same place I am, so I feel a bit less stupid.

Wednesday, more drycleaning, and a visit to the library to get a book about how to speak Ukrainian. Yes, that's right, just because of all those cool Ukrainians at the picnic on Saturday, I decided to get more familiar with it. And also my boss's boss from Rosslyn occasionally lets on that that I'm the Ukrainian expert of the office. So, I'm looking over the alphabet, to begin with. It's almost like Russian, except that "eh" and "yeh" are reversed, and there's four letter for sounds like i - one "i", one "ee", one "yi", and one "y".

Thursday night, unexpected phone calls, one from NY and one from my dad who got salmonella. Yeesh.

Friday, another CS428 meeting. It turns out there's a document that was written on March 1 that explains how to get around the stuff I got stuck on, and I didn't know about it until now. Also, started reading an online book for CS428, and my favorite part so far is the visitor's comment by Alejandro Ramirez at the bottom of - towards the middle of his comment, I find myself agreeing that there's multiple viewpoints held by people about one truth that can only be known by an omniscient viewer, but then his conclusions towards the end of his commment are such that I can't tell where he's being serious and where he's being sarcastic - no basis for a decision being made, failure of the WWW, marketplace for militants... I'm not sure where he's going with all that, and especially the last sentence - I just don't get it.
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