Svetlana Zinyac (cityofspheres) wrote,
Svetlana Zinyac

weekend? what weekend?

Saturday and Sunday went by in a haze of bug hunting, bug fixing, and even more testing. By Sunday night I was totally fried. Is it just me, or does "there's gonna be a demo sometime next week" usually not translate to "this is going to be a really important demo to a new group of clients, so let's put in some new features on Friday, and then throw all the code into a suitcase early Monday morning and ship it off to the West Coast." Anyway, this short notice wouldn't be such a problem, except for the somewhat inconsiderately aggressive refactoring that I did over the last two weeks (while the other developer was in Israel, there was no one to keep me from changing code to my heart's content). So, any bugs that come up during a demo would almost certainly be my fault. The moral is: don't change nothing, unless you want to spend a weekend testing.

On Monday all my desk stuff had been magically moved to a new cubicle closer to a window. In fact, if I took a chainsaw and sawed through one wall of the cubicle, there would be a giant panel of glass with a nice view out of it, right there, only like six feet away!

I finally got time to do a CS428 lecture, and to fill out my billing for the summer course, CS598. I was mostly too out of it to be productive at anything. I did go to Jenny's yoga at NASA. And on the way back, I had my first encounter with the awesomest grocery store ever - a huge selection of organic stuff, kosher stuff, frozen stuff, and produce. Very strange - I knew Greenbelt was a good place in general, but I didn't really expect any PG Country store to be so nonghetto. Oh, that reminds me, last week Thursday, I forgot to mention another Greenbelt experience - dinner with Dan at the New Deal Cafe, with much happy reminiscing.

In general, it's amazing how many people tend to think about death and dying, like seriously think about it. Probably lots of people, who aren't anywhere close to dying, at any given time, are thinking about death and what it's like to become or to be dead! I've never had those kinds of thoughts - even if I try to think about it, I get almost immediately get bored and start thinking about something else - so it's difficult for me to relate. The closest I can get is that it seems like a generalization of the "damn, how am I going to have time to iron this shirt and go to the ATM and listen to a lecture and go to work and call my grandma and also make dinner and clean stuff and dance dance and hang out with friends, all in this one day" problem - lots of stuff, limited time.

Today I am somewhat more sane, and registered for the summer class. Lisa Pearl and Jesse MB were here visiting Meesh. Jesse shared her awesome Hungary photos, in the most organized scrapbook I've ever seen. Lisa stayed after and DDR'ed :) Now it's way late, and even though today's CS428 lecture is only fortyish minutes, I don't know whether I should go on with it or go to sleep.
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