Svetlana Zinyac (cityofspheres) wrote,
Svetlana Zinyac

a textbook case

Thursday I learned about Six Sigma, which confused the heck out of me and made me want to avoid business like the plague. Once again, I congratulate myself on quitting - in this case, quitting majoring in finance after about a year and a half. On the plus side, the Six Sigma training process itself included some fun games, including a hand of poker at the end in which I won an old, slightly beat-up but respectably hard-cover tech book. Skimming through it, I saw that my old NASA project was used as one of the examples in the book - the architecture diagrams, even photos of what seemed like the inside of the building - in a regular textbook-like fashion. At first it seemed like a strange coincidence, but then I realized that, duh, if somebody had written a book about me, I might buy a few copies and give them out as raffle prizes.

Friday included a fun encounter with data structures. Meesh would have loved to be there. Or maybe she'd be so frustrated that she wouldn't have liked to be there. Anyway, I would have liked her to be there, because I really didn't want to sound like a crusty old pedagogue by lecturing about log(n) and how looping through arrays is so 80's, so it would have been nice to have somebody there who's a professional advocate for data structures. In further fun, I may actually get to use graphs and graph algorithms at work - nothing crazy, just some dependencies that could stand to be stored in a graph.

Finally finished all the CS428 lectures, now it's time for the readings.
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